Chargeable Services

(fees subject to change without notice)

Missed Appointment (without 24 hours notice)


Missed Physical (without 24 hours notice)


Expired OHIP Card - General Visit


Physical (Drivers)/By 3rd party request


Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness


Applications/Forms (Insurance, Disability, etc)


WSIB Form 8 HPR/FAF - Paper/E-Version


Applications/Forms plus physical examination


TB test (for employment) 1 Step/2 Steps


Life Insurance death certificate


CPP Disability medical report form


Insurance: #OCF-3 disability certificate


Doctor Note (Back to work/Sick/Day Care)
Forms for insurance coverage of massage therapy, compression stocking, orthotics etc.


Maternity Leave, employment, sickness benefit Forms


Pregnancy Test


IUD Insertion


Charts: $1/page first 30 pages then $0.25/page thereafter

Up to $30.00 + $0.25 per page


$1.00 per page

Skin procedure - mole, lesion, skin tag removal

$20.00 each

Pre-travelling counseling + Rx


Travel related vaccine (hepA, hepB, Twinrix, Typhoid, Menactra, etc)


Form for compassionate care benefits, trip cancellation


CRA Disability Tax Credit


Payments for the above services are to be made payable to:
Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre